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Ear cuffs: A trend LARGER than life!

It may sound superflous and not very adapted to reality, but if we analyze it more deeply, we change our clothes according to our mood, and if that were not enough, we leave the same clothes on, according to our mood!

True or not, our modern society is deeply rooted in the use of different jewelry to accompany our cultural, social and even spiritual representation, and companies like ours are passionate about this topic and we are fascinated with providing knowledge based on our experience.

On this occasion, we are going to talk about the famous ear-cuffs.
Party ear cuff en plata
Are ear cuffs and earrings the same?

These accessories are typically used in a hole in our ear cartilage (above the lobe) and were introduced as a trend to complement the basic earrings that we hook at the bottom of our ears, but it turns out that we can actually enjoy the luxury to use these pieces without the need to perforate our ears.

Chunky ear cuff corrugado en oro y plata

Are ear cuffs a piece that represents elegance?

The current trend is: The more noticeable, the better!!!

Currently ear cuffs are super popular. Look at any red carpet, and you'll likely see a VIP celebrities wearing these pieces. Top designers, high-fashion bloggers, and celebrities like Lupita Nyong'o and Rihanna have sported ear cuffs.

When were ear cuffs invented?

According to historians, ear cuffs were a symbol of high status as far back as 2,000 B.C. They were called the Kaffa. At the end of 2022, beginning of 2023 they once again gained popularity in pop culture and today the jewelry market is exploring this piece to the fullest with so many styles to choose from!

Small ear cuff in an earring in gold     ear cuffs with snail design

Ear cuffs or cuffs, accentuate people's ear and profile in a very daring and sensual way! In Cocobrillo we like to reaffirm the confidence of our #coquilovers when they wear our pieces.

Amongst our most requested ear cuffs are the XXL ones…. And in the other spectrum we find the small ones, almost imperceptible.

XXL Ear cuffs

A group of trend-setters wanted to go beyond the norm and began to promote the combination of large, medium and small ear cuffs and the result has been an unstoppable trend that radiates an impressive sense of confidence and good taste.

We love ear cuffs, we believe they are a trend that is here to stay and we are pleased to make the shopping experience for our customers the most amazing and pleasant so that they continue filling their wardrobes with trends as fascinating as this one.

Remember, in Cocobrillo, you add the spark!  


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