jewelry with rhodium bath

Rhodium bath in high class jewelry

What is rhodium plating in Jewelry?

 Rhodium plating is a shiny, silvery-white metal from the platinum family. In case you didn't know, rhodium plating is an immersion electrolysis process for pieces widely used in fine jewelry that allows for high-quality finishes.

 The rhodium plating process in fine jewelry houses not only helps protect our pieces, but also lightens their colors in a very special way; beautifying and giving more shine to your jewelry. It is a superior layer on pieces that is second only in quality to gold and silver.

What is the rhodium plating that is applied to Cocobrillo garments?

Our jewelry has a rhodium plating. It is a thick, superficial layer of this material that provides great benefits to the jewel and improves its quality. Rhodium plating is used above all to give a shiny, beautiful and striking finish to our jewelry.

Which is better: rhodium plating or gold plating?

Rhodium is used to make white gold and shines brightly. Covergold is more resistant than goldfield gold, but unlike steel it allows more delicate jewelry to be worked on.

How does the rhodium in Cocobrillo pieces differ from stainless steel pieces?

One of the main reasons why we feel confident and satisfied with the quality of our jewelry is because the rhodium alienation that our pieces present improves quality, solving the problem of luster wear that stainless steel pieces usually present due to the time and corrosion.

Dare to highlight the SPARK in you by wearing pieces from our collections!

We hope that this information has been very useful when it comes to trusting the selection of beautiful jewelry that we have for you!

Remember, in Cocobrillo, you add the SPARK!

Support Notes: The chemical definition of rhodium is: Chemical element with atomic number 45, atomic mass 102.905 and symbol Rh; It is a metal from the group of transition elements, silvery white in color, shiny, very stable and highly resistant to being melted, which is found in nature mainly in platinum ores and is used in alloys with platinum, as a catalyst. and as a black pigment for porcelain.
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