FAQ's from our #Coquilovers💛


1. What's your shipping/handling time?

Please allow our team to fulfill your order 1-2 days after your checkout.

  • United States: Our standard shipping time is 2-4 business days after fulfillment. 
  • International (Dominican Republic not included) The standard shipping time for selected international customers is 7-15 days

For more information, please review our shipping policy here.

2. Are your accessories true to size?

Excellent question. We added the approx. measurement of our pieces in each listing.

3. How you compare the rhodium bath in your jewelry to stainless steel/silver jewelry?

The rhodium bath is a process that fine jewelry houses use to increase the durability, luster and beauty of a the pieces. It also serves to provide an extra care and shine of metallic colors. It protects the piece from daily use and the passage of time even more than gold plating. Our jewelry is more shiny and durable than stainless steel.

Learn more about the rhodium bath in jewelry in our blog section!

4. Is your jewelry resistant to water?

Our jewelry is water resistant HOWEVER is not water-proof.

  • We recommend removing jewelry before going to bed or participating in physical activities.

  • Exposure to certain chemicals or harsh environments will compromise the integrity of your jewelry. This includes, but is not limited to, the following: creams, perfumes, perspiration, cleaning agents, chlorine (pool) and salt water (beach).

5. What is your return policy?

(Only valid to USA)

a) You have 48 hours upon delivery confirmation to report any damage or manufacturing breakdown & 30 days after delivery confirmation to return your pieces.

b) The customer will assume the shipping cost unless otherwise instructed by a Cocobrillo representative.

c) Refunds are made in form of IN-STORE-CREDITS.

Visit our return policy page to learn more.

Do you need more assistance? We're excited to talk to you. Please visit our contact page!